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e: mark@markjtgriffin.com

Mark J.T. Griffin  (comes from lots of different places but this time around) was born in March 1958 in Wolverhampton. He lives in Warwickshire with his wife Ingrid, daughters Dani and Steph, Sam & Lily the Labradors and Bramble the cat.

He divides his spare time between writing, music, drama, theatre and re-enacting Civil War battles. Since the mid-eighties he has written numerous articles and short stories on subjects ranging from clocks to computers to Custer.

In 1994 he wrote Vangelis: The Unknown Man, an unauthorised biography of the Greek keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist.








In 1997 this was followed by the New Age adventure novel going home based on his interest in past-life regression in a story which straddles time and space.


In 2006 the novel Richard of Eastwell was published which draws on his love of history and theatre and is based on the Kentish legend of the last Plantagenet.


In 2007 his third novel The Cathar Prophecy was published. Set in the 12th Century, it follows the last days of the religious sect which was 800 years ahead of their time in their ideas and beliefs.


Mark is currently working on a novel “Angel House”, a play ”Cross Your Heart and Hope to Fly” and a comedy detective novel called “Milton Keanes Investigates…”

Mark J.T. Griffin

...making dreams last longer than the night...