Two years later it became the first edition of a lightweight, and later heavyweight, seminal book on the artist.

Ten years on and my creative output has grown with a series of novels, numerous articles and short stories which are  encapsulated on this site.

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Mark J.T. Griffin, 2008

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Mark J.T. Griffin

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For many years my education and career took me down the route of the logical and rational, working as a consultant and manager/leader. This, in many ways, constrained my creative energy which needed an outlet.

During my teenage years I began to write, mainly poems (June-moon stuff) but also a number of short stories. In my late teens I began to study the New Age and realized that the creative ‘me’ was desperately trying to express itself.

Gradually my writing began to bear fruit, mainly in the form of articles and short stories which were published.

Finally after having many published I wrote a piece for a Yes fanzine about Vangelis, the Greek keyboard player. 

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